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Corker Agrees to Support GOP Tax Bill After Late Tweak

18th December 2017

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Holdout Republican Sen. Bob Corker finally announced he would support the Republican tax bill in an upcoming vote — after the proposal was tweaked in a way that could personally enrich him.

Corker claims he has not read the mammoth bill being sped through the legislature and has no idea how the language, which was not in previous Senate versions of the bill, got into the plan.

Gee, however did that get in there?

The provision reduces taxes on income from real-estate LLCs, according to International Business Times, which broke the story.

Corker, a South Carolina real-estate mogul, made $7 million off such income last year, while President Trump raked in between $41 million and $68 million, according to the outlet.

Democrats have been doing this for years (yeah, I’m looking at you, Senator Reid), so it’s no surprise that Republicans are lining up for their turn at the trough.

One Response to “Corker Agrees to Support GOP Tax Bill After Late Tweak”

  1. RealRick Says:

    We still have the best Congress money can buy.