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Democrat Senators: Franken Shouldn’t Have Resigned!

18th December 2017

Read it.

I think this is what Franken was counting on by announcing his upcoming resignation but not actually, you know, doing it. Historically Democrat politicians have circled the wagons whenever any of their number have been caught with a hand in the cookie jar, and Franken knows this as well as anybody.

The real question is How Low Can They Go, upon which depends whether Franken will weasel out of it.


One Response to “Democrat Senators: Franken Shouldn’t Have Resigned!”

  1. RealRick Says:

    Reminds me of a scandal a few decades back. A reporter was waiting to interview the Dishonorable Congressman Wayne Hays (longtime chairman of the House Ways & Means Committee). Bored, the reporter started chatting up a secretary who was doing her nails. When he asked how she could type with those nails, she replied that she couldn’t type. “Well, what do you do?” She answered pretty bluntly that what she “did” was the Congressman.

    It’s amazing what reporters might find out if they actually bothered to ask a question from time to time.