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Western Derangement Syndrome

17th December 2017

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One of the most disturbing features of current discourse is the increasing level on both sides of the political aisle of utter irrationality and loss of any sense of proportion. This seems to be manifesting itself in particular over three issues.

On Britain’s departure from the EU, the Remainers seemed to lose the plot from the referendum result onwards. They have consistently stated that, as a result of Brexit, the British economy would collapse. Today, faced with evidence that the economy is in fact doing quite well they state the economy has now collapsed. It’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to Britain. Oh, and don’t forget also that, according to No 10’s wine supplier among others, we’re all going to starve to death.

This hysteria over Brexit is matched, if not exceeded, by the wild, indeed maniacal, exaggerations, distortions and misrepresentations of the words and deeds of President Donald Trump. It is being stated as established fact, for example, that he has admitted assaulting women, that he colluded with Russia and that so far he has achieved absolutely nothing whatsoever.

These claims are all untrue. In his infamous (and revolting) remarks about grabbing women, he was in fact boasting that women were throwing themselves at him; there is still not one shred of evidence that he or his campaign team had inappropriate ties with Russia; and his record of achievements so far, including stimulating the economy, rolling back regulations and tackling illegal immigration, exceeds that of many if not all his predecessors in their first year of office.

The third issue, after Brexit and Trump Derangement Syndromes, is Islamism. For large swathes of the left, any claim that Islamist extremism and terrorism are rooted in any problematic features of Islamic religion and culture is regarded as evidence of bigotry and “Islamophobia”.

With thanks to Debby Witt, a kindred soul.

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