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Philly Votes to Regulate Bulletproof Glass in Corner Stores

15th December 2017

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The Philadelphia City Council’s Public Health and Human Services Committee passed a bill yesterday to regulate the use of bulletproof glass at food establishments. The original bill would have banned bulletproof glass outright, but that was changed following backlash from store owners, who said the glass was needed for their protection.

Democratic Councilwoman Cindy Bass, a primary sponsor of the bill, insisted these delis were the cause, not an effect, of trouble in her district.

Here’s Cindy Bass:

Cindy Bass for 8th District - 1 Minute Candidate

“We want to make sure that there isn’t this sort of indignity, in my opinion, to serving food through a Plexiglas only in certain neighborhoods,” Bass said.

The single most fundamental function of government is to preserve the peace. Most people interpret that as including protecting the life and property of law-abiding citizens.

Bass’s ignores the fact that black neighborhoods tend to be more dangerous, especially to storekeepers, than non-black neighborhoods. Bullet-proof glass is expensive; stores wouldn’t use it if it weren’t needed.

I guess it’s too much to ask that Cindy Bass work toward making the neighborhood one in which bulletproof glass is not needed, rather than worrying about the sensitivity of our native criminal class.

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