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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

22nd December 2017

Islam’s Three Worst Doctrines


Countering Christmas Jihad

Why “Refugees” Are One of the Most Dangerous and Criminal Groups of People in the World

Jerusalem: Palestinians won’t accept any US peace plan, says Mahmoud Abbas  So? They never have.

hristian Monk in Egypt: “I Think it’s Time for the Islamic Empire”

UN Jerusalem vote: Mahmoud Abbas hails result as ‘victory for Palestine’  A ‘victory’ where the winner gets nothing.

Vehicular Jihad in Melbourne

Jerusalem in the Islamic Imagination

Muslim woman becomes first Miss Maine contestant to wear a hijab

Indonesian Islamist militants threaten to raid businesses where Muslims forced to wear Santa hats for Christmas

European Countries Foil Islamist Christmas Attacks

A Disappointing, Muted Response to Imams Calling for Violence

Trump Returns “Jihad” to Intelligence

Turkey Wants To Jail NBA Star For Speaking Out Against President Erdogan

Mohammed Awan: Brother of British Isis suicide bomber jailed for 10 years for plotting UK terror attack

Culture-Enricher Tries to Drown German Girl; Almost Drowns Himself Instead

Protests Rage In Sweden After Cops Tell Women To ‘Stay inside’ To Avoid Gang Rapes

Silicon Valley Philanthropists Are Embracing Daffy Muslim Hate Preachers Now

No Memorials Permitted for the Victims of the Berlin Christmas Market Truck Jihad

Israeli Politicians Demand Obama Forfeit Nobel Peace Prize After Hezbollah Report  Taking a leaf out of the Left’s playbook.

Jews Have to Hide — First in France and Sweden, Now Germany

“Islamophobia” Gets the Headlines Despite Trailing Anti-Semitic Violence

Refugees should be sent home even if they have jobs, says Danish immigration official

NY Democrat Calls For Investigation Into Allegation That Linda Sarsour Covered Up Sexual Assault

Iraqi Refugee Sentenced For Trying To Help ISIS

Swedish police retract advice warning women not to go out alone after dark

Daily Caller: Linda Sarsour Enabled Sexual Assault, Has Continued to Hound Victim For Years

Nazi/Islamist Guilty in ISIS Material Support Case

Vandal Beheads Nativity Scene Baby Jesus

RAF Mildenhall: Shots fired as US air base placed on lockdown amid ‘significant incident’

German Mayor stabbed in anti-immigration attack vows to continue helping refugees integrate

US Air Force Base In Britain On Lockdown After Reports Of Car Trying To Ram Gates

Bijan Ebrahimi: Disabled Iranian refugee murdered after being wrongly accused of paedophilia failed by police ‘siding with abusers’

Israel strikes Hamas targets in Gaza after rocket attacks from Palestinian area

Jerusalem Deals in Reality

Linda Sarsour Accused Of Enabling Sexual Assault Against Woman Who Worked For Her

Soldiers of Onan Terrorize Public Transportation in Augsburg

We Want a Government-Sponsored Mosque in Uddevalla!

New York attack: Terror manuals containing instructions for bomb used by Akayed Ullah remain online

Germans Knew Berlin Christmas Market Terrorist Planned To Attack Nearly A Year In Advance

ISIS Claims Responsibility For Deadly Attack On Methodist Church In Pakistan

Rebecca Dykes murder: British diplomat’s body found in Beirut

Abu Hamza has demanded he be returned to a UK jail as his US prison is ‘inhuman and degrading’

Miss Iraq’s family forced to flee country after beauty queen’s selfie with Miss Israel

Who Is Qais al-Khazali, and Why Should You Care?

Turkey Will Open An Embassy In East Jerusalem, Erdogan Says  This is their embassy to ‘Palestine’, not Israel.

US Special Operators Conducted Thousands Of Missions In Afghanistan In Last Six Months

Pakistan church attack: Suicide bombers storm church and detonate explosives as congregation worships

The Italian Village Where Migrants Outnumber the Natives

Ibrahim Abu Thuraya: Disabled Palestinian activist shot dead by Israeli troops in Jerusalem protest

United Nations ‘appalled’ by mass executions in Iraq as it cites flaws in the country’s justice system

Mother ‘poisoned her son to avoid him travelling to Syria’ with her jihadi husband, court hears

Scores of Boko Haram fighters arrested in huge raid by Nigerian armed forces

Pakistan: Three years after 140 died in the Peshawar school massacre, what has changed?

The Cultural Enrichment News From Modern Multicultural Germany

Hindu posts video of himself killing Muslim online in call for anti-Islam campaign funding

Federally Funded U.S. Institute for Peace Hosts Pro-Hamas Tunisian Group

New York Times Column Blames Muslims, Leftists For Anti-Semitism In Sweden [VIDEO]

Israeli Troops Shoot More Than 40 Palestinians In Gaza, West Bank  I guess the ‘Palestinians’ were just out for a stroll.

Miss Iraq Faces Death Threats For Posing For A Photo With Miss Israel

Miss Iraq Selfie With Miss Israel Reportedly Forces Her To Leave Country

Iraq Mass Hangs 38 ISIS And Al-Qaida Terrorists

BREAKING: Muslim Man Who Beheaded Woman At Food Plant Just Received Harsh, American Justice

Turkish Airlines refuses to check-in passenger with HIV ‘in case he’s infectious’

Doctor accused of killing girlfriend’s unborn baby by spiking her drink with abortion pill

US woman used Bitcoin to move cash to Islamic State, police say

UN Calls For Iraq To Stop Executing Suspected ISIS Members

UK Mom Jailed For Poisoning Son To Avoid Traveling To Syria With Jihadi Husband

Michael Stürzenberger Convicted for Referring to “Asylum Parasitics”

Sweden and the Politics of Denial

Malaysian PM Najib Rizak leads Muslim rally to show solidarity with Palestinians over Donald Trump’s Jerusalem decision

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