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Another Kind of Bubble

13th December 2017

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The most valued skill in this town is the ability to navigate the structure and processes of federal legislation, litigation, regulation, grant-making, and enforcement. These are legitimate skills with a market value for persons and groups with interests to be protected or advanced. Don’t knock it. Lobbyists protect you from most of the steady stream of cosmic stupidity that flows from the Good Idea Elves on Capitol Hill and within the agencies.

The problem is that these insider skills do not easily translate into useful tools for dealing with problems, issues, and realities outside of the federal processes. And people who are really good at these intra-Washington processes are often promoted to positions where the dominant tasks and issues are literally outside the box where their expertise and experience resides.

The reason lobbyists get rich is because they are much in demand. The reason they are much in demand is because the government can royally screw you over and will if you don’t defend yourself against it. Microsoft found this out in the 1990s and their Washington presence went from a few simple sales offices to a huge lobbying force as a result.

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