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Daily Beast, Crustian Socialist Rag, Worries About the Hawaiian Crown Jewels

10th December 2017

Read it.

As they consider monarchy a primitive form of government, so proglodytes have a warm spot in their hearts for the monarchies of primitive peoples, especially those who, left to their own devices, would wear little or no clothing.  The root of their interest, of course, is in finding more victim groups to serve as sticks with which to beat more advanced civilizations, such as the one in which they were raised and educated and upon which the depend for their cushy hipster lifestyles.

“At the time, the taxpayers of this country strenuously objected to the expenses of the coronation exercises, but their objections carried no weight and the expensive festivities went on,” the Daily Pacific Commercial Advertiser reported a decade later in 1893 (PDF).

So young a nation, and already governed by the spirit of Barack Obama.

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