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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

15th December 2017

Iranian Honor Killing in Hamburg

Two Dead, Several Injured In Dutch Stabbings

Maastricht stabbing: Two people killed and several injured in knife attack in Dutch city

Somalia’s Defense Minister Calls For More US Drone Strikes

New Study: Middle Easterners 34 Times More Likely to Fake Hate Incidents

Iraq executes 38 Isis suspects on terrorism charges

Rohingya crisis: At least 6,700 Rohingya Muslims killed in one month, say Doctors Without Borders

Isis-supporting husband and wife jailed for 26 years for planning UK terror attack

Mohammed Awan: Isis suicide bomber’s brother convicted of preparing terror attack in UK

iWe: 40,000 British Girl Victims of Pakistani Grooming Gangs

An Anti-Semitic Allahu Akbar in Amsterdam

Muslim Nations Unite Against Trump’s Jerusalem Move

Iran Looks to Seize Opportunity as Rivals Fall

New Jersey Imam Rages In Antisemitic Sermon

Egyptian pop singer sent to prison for two years over video that ‘incited debauchery’

Turkey’s President Erdogan tells Jerusalem summit Israel is an ‘occupying’ and ‘terror’ state

Outrage as family of failed suicide bomber complain THEY have been mistreated by law enforcement

What Life Was Like For Christians And Jews When Arabs Ruled Jerusalem

Erdogan Invokes Islamic Text Sanctioning Killing Jews at Party Convention

Iranian media in tailspin over female British diplomat’s lack of headscarf

Akayed Ullah: New York bomb suspect charged with terorr offences

New Jersey Mosque Features Call for Genocide

US Teen Charged With Planning Terror Attack, Trying To Join ISIS

Ibrahim Munir, the Man Who Keeps the Muslim Brotherhood Alive

Suspected NYC Subway Bomber Hit With State Terrorism Charges  Will the Islamophobia never cease?

The Fruit of Chain Migration

Jew-Hatred in Sweden

Tomio Okamura: “Violent Acts Are an Indivisible Part of the Political Doctrine of Islam”

Family Of Alleged Port Authority Terrorist ‘Outraged’ Over Police Behavior  Of course they are.

White House: 142,000 Bangladeshis In US Under Family Visa Laws

Alleged NYC Terrorist Got To US Through Chain Migration

A Suicide Bomber Attacks the New York City Subway… and Life Goes On

BRATTON: NYC Attack ‘ISIS Inspired,’ Suspect ‘Possibly’ Bangladeshi Immigrant

Muslim leaders visit Swedish synagogue in show of support following anti-Semitic events

Indonesia’s Muslims burn Donald Trump’s image in protest at decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israeli capital

Three arrested for Molotov cocktail attack on synagogue in Sweden

UK police hold training exercise to prepare for chemical attack on Israeli embassy

Paris Residents Threaten Hunger Strike If Migrants Aren’t Cleared From The Streets

German Intel Agency Reports Rapid Increase In Islamic Radicals

Turkey Rejects “Moderate Islam”

Pentagon Expects To Battle Islamic Terrorists In Somalia For Two More Years

London ‘grooming gang’ exposed as police warn abuse happening across Britain

British-Pakistani researchers say 84% of grooming gang members are Asian: ‘It’s very important we talk about it’

Israeli security guard stabbed and ‘seriously wounded’ at Jerusalem bus station

The Army of Mohammed is Returning … To Malmö

Theresa May warns Isis is ‘not yet defeated’ after Iraq declares victory in war with extremist group

Chronicler of Islamic State ‘killing machine’ goes public

Jerusalem latest: Two dead in fresh Israeli air strikes on Gaza Strip after ‘Day of Rage’

Palestinians Advance the Peace Process by Shooting Rockets at Israel From Gaza

CAIR Lashes Out at ‘Heretical’ Muslims

IPT Exclusive: U.S.-Based Imam Prays That “Allah Destroy the Zionists”

Age Tests Show Thousands Of ‘Underaged’ Migrants In Sweden Lied About Age

Palestinian Killed In Gaza Clashes Over Trump’s Jerusalem Move

Palestinian Calls For ‘Day Of Rage’ Provoke Clashes With Israeli Forces

Jailhouse Jihadi: The Intriguing Case of Casey Charles Spain

Jerusalem protests latest: Two Palestinians shot dead ‘by Israeli soldiers’ in ‘Day of Rage’, say officials  No mention of what the ‘Palestinians’ were doing, because that’s not part of the Narrative.

Mohammed Abdallah: How an unemployed Manchester cannabis dealer became an Isis sniper in Syria

President Trump’s Jerusalem decision risks uniting the entire Arab world against the US  When has the ‘entire Arab world’ ever united? On anything?

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