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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

5th December 2017

Morning Joe Spreads Fake News About Trump Promoting a Terrorist Group That Assassinates U.K. Politicians

Trump’s ‘dangerous’ tax reforms could kill 10,000 people a year, says former Treasury secretary Larry Summers  Could, but won’t. They always leave that part out.

Trump greeted by protesters chanting ‘F*** you!’ after he slashes Utah national monuments  Haters gotta hate.

The Newest Round of Anti-Trumpism  Lord Black takes a look at the state of play.

Democratic Lawmaker Vows Trump Impeachment Vote Will Happen  Proglodytes see it when they believe it.

Sanders Asked If Trump Visiting Civil Rights Museum Is ‘Insulting.’  Uh, yeah, sure, whatever you say.

Steven Spielberg: Here’s My Anti-Trump Movie  Because beating Trump is actually more important.

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