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Grad Students Protest GOP’s Tax Hike and Prepare to Fight About Tuition

3rd December 2017

Read it.

One of the Left’s tools in its March Through the Institutions that doesn’t get a lot of attention is the push for everybody to go to college. This takes young people out of the job market during a period of life when it’s easiest for them to get used to the requirements of adulthood like Showing Up Every Day, continues them in adolescent bad habits like expecting somebody else to fund their living expenses, and eventually dumps them on the market with a degree that isn’t worth shit so that they spend the rest of their days full of resentment that somebody somewhere cheated them out of the golden lifestyle that they had been promised.

One of the chief warts developed in this process is the reverence for the magic word Funding. Just as adolescents grow accustomed to whining to their parents for money to do whatever it is they want to do, academics and prot0-academics like grad students are engaged in a constant search for Funding, which essentially means finding somebody else to give them money. The tech boom has mitigated this somewhat by providing entrepreneurial opportunities outside of the Magic Funding System, but only for the brightest, i.e. those that would be successful anyway. The mediocre (which is most of them) are still hunting for Funding. This makes them prime candidates for the Left’s sweet song about dependency on government benefits, like government-provided health care.

This is also why the Left is so hostile to vocational training, because vocational training produces people who can actually get a job and support themselves, as well as people who are exposed in the real world and realize that there is no Santa Claus, i.e. Republicans. This is why high schools are always evaluated on how many of their graduates get into college rather than how many of their graduates can actually support themselves. (Lucky for the high schools, most of which these days don’t produce graduates who have been taught skills that will help them actually support themselves.)

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