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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

1st December 2017

NBC News Analyst Claims Trump Needs Mental ‘Treatment’

After Ignoring Obama’s Silence on Kate Steinle, Nets Hammer Trump for ‘Politicizing’ Not Guilty Verdict  That ol’ double standard is alive and well in Washington D.C. But you knew that.

‘Inclusion Project’ At College Features Poster Of Trump Next To Dead Child  Makes you wonder what they’re ‘including’.

Donald Trump is a psychopath, suffers psychosis and is an ‘enormous present danger’, says psychiatrist  Said psychiatrist, of course, has never met Trump and knows of him only through portrayals in the DemLegHump media. This prostitution of scientific credentials in service to a political agenda is one of the worse aspects of our degenerate modern culture.

Donald Trump is an ‘evil racist’, says Vince Cable  Who has never met Donald Trump and knows of him only through portrayals in the DemLegHump media.

Trump impeachment vote to happen next week, Congressman promises  Be sure to hold your breath.

People close to Donald Trump say he has dementia, claims MSNBC host  When was the last time somebody actually believed an MSNBC host?

ABC Connects ‘Ultra Conservative’ European Hate to Trump’s ‘Click of a Button’

Morning Joe Promotes Military Insubordination Based on Claim That Trump Has ‘Dementia’  I wonder what the weather is like on their planet.

Morning Joe: ‘Sociopath’ Trump’s Retweets ‘Designed to Incite Hatred Towards’ Muslims, ‘Putting’ ‘Lives at Risk’ ‘Across the World’  Actually, it’s hatred by Muslims that is putting lives at risk across the world, but we forgive you for not reading your own news.

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