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Pickup Artistry

28th November 2017

Severian does the fisking.

Is Leftism just one big category error?  I’m increasingly coming to think so.  If you can consistently tell when different things are different, and similar things are similar, you’ll never have your brain parasitized by SJW toxoplasma.

I shouldn’t have to tell anyone that media people are all sexually twisted freaks.  Cool Brittania has gone further down the sewer than we in a lot of ways, but they still have the right attitude about their talking heads: Performers are basically carny folk over there; newsreaders and especially journalists are a step below actual prostitutes.

I also shouldn’t have to tell anyone what happens when you give a lifelong loser his first taste of real power.  Everyone has worked with a dorky-but-harmless guy who got made Assistant Shift Supervisor and suddenly turned into Heinrich Himmler.

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