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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

27th November 2017

BET’s Soul Train Awards Starts With Host Taking a Knee to Trump  More Virtue Signalling from those whose livelihood depends on race obsession.

December May Be The Most Critical Month Of Trump’s Presidency  Or maybe not.

Tom Steyer: We Can’t Wait to Impeach Trump  Well, what’s stopping them? Other than lack of evidence?

Donald Trump’s motorcade cut up by angry van driver who swears at him  No one would have dared do that to Obama, of course.

Morrissey says he would kill Donald Trump ‘for the safety of humanity’  I’d be happy to kill Morrissey in order to clean out the gene pool.

John McCain slams Donald Trump as an opportunist ‘not anchored by a set of principles’  Gee, I was about to say the same thing about John McCain — with more reason.

Billionaire behind $20 million Trump impeachment campaign calls President an ‘urgent threat’  And a billionaire attempting to buy the impeachment of a President is not, of course.

Donald Trump uses ‘Pocahontas’ slur in address to Native American veterans  Unexplained, of course, is how ‘Pocahantas’ is somehow a ‘slur’.  (The real term used is ‘Fauxcahontas’, referring to her absurd claim to being of scraeling descent. You’d think that a newspaper would do some research.)

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