We have seen the future, and it sucks.

The New Romantics

25th November 2017

ZMan looks at trends.

One of the forces pushing the alt-right along is a rejection of the modern, sterile aesthetic that is the technological age. This seems to be especially true of the younger millennials and Gen Z. They grew up in a world of glass and stainless steel, smooth edges and shades of gray.This is also an age that rejects speculation and spontaneity. It’s why popular culture is so dull and feminine. There’s a drugged dullness to our age. It’s not a rational age, for sure, more like a unromantic age, in which nothing interesting happens.

That’s part of the appeal of the new dissident politics. There’s a danger to showing up at alt-right rallies or associating with hate thinkers on social media. Men, especially young men, like adventure. For the generations raised by helicopter parents, thought police and sensitivity training, the danger of the alt-right is wildly attractive. Breaking taboos and standing outside the herd is exhilarating, but the associated brotherhood fills a void the custodial state created in young men. It’s not just fun to be bad, it’s liberating.

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