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The Alleged Tax Cut

17th November 2017

You will notice, in all this talk of a ‘tax cuts’, that the underlying theme is that any ‘tax cuts’ be ‘paid for’.

What this means is, that any changes result in no net decrease in tax revenues for the government.

How is this a ‘tax cut’? IT ISN’T.

If taxes are changed, but at the end of the process the government still has the same amount of tax revenue, then IT IS NOT A TAX CUT. It is a tax re-arrangement. In a tax re-arrangement, some people wind up paying less tax, and other people wind up paying more.

In other words, this is an attempt to shift the tax burden from some favored people to some unfavored people. Once again, the government is picking winners and losers, using taxpayers’ own money as the carrot and stick.

This is a cornerstone of proglodyte politics. No matter what happens, the amount of money that government takes from the people who earn it cannot be allowed to go down. The contest then becomes a fight over who gets to be winners and who losers in the subsequent re-arrangement. That’s the sort of fight that lobbyists for special interests live for (and get paid big bucks for), and how proglodytes make their living (and accrue their power).

Somebody ought to point out to Republican legislators that they ought to be deeply embarrassed by participating in this charade.

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