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The Poisonous Fruit of ‘Social Justice’

14th November 2017

Read it.

Everyone is commenting on this New York Times column in which a black professor offers an argument that could be reduced to a syllogism:

Premise A: Donald Trump got elected.
Premise B: Donald Trump is racist;


Conclusion: Black children can’t be friends with white children.

I believe I commented on that earlier. Remember, if you’re the one obsessed with race, you’re the racist.

Really, this is the essence of his argument, a bizarre non sequitur rooted in a profound sense of racial paranoia derived from the identity-politics calculations of Democrat Party “social justice” propaganda. Although he tries to marshal evidence in support of his anti-white attitude, the entire argument of his 1,500-word screed is built upon a simple foundation: Democrats, good. Republicans, racist.

That’s because the Democrat party is the Puritan party, constantly engaged in the hunt for heretics and sinners. If you’re not with them, you’re with Satan (Now Trump, before that Bush, before that Reagan or Gingrich depending on the day, etc.).

Tucker Carlson takes this guy to the woodshed here.

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