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Barbie Debuts Hijab-Wearing Doll

14th November 2017

Read it.

Probably a ‘microinvalidation’, but still a valiant attempt to suck up every consumer dollar floating around loose.

One Response to “Barbie Debuts Hijab-Wearing Doll”

  1. RealRick Says:

    It’s really hard to avoid speculating on the additional doll for this series. Pet camel? Young boy Ken? Sandals and matching suicide vest? Tickets for the tourist bus?

    Do they give away the Barbie because women are worthless? Does she come with 12 children and a set of AK-47s?

    Of course, Burka Barbie has a car, but only Ken can drive? Optional “Refugee Boat” with trailing sharks?

    While they’re at it, will they also come out with Abortion Barbie, complete with coat hanger and catheter?

    Will Millennial Barbie scream every time someone says, “Trump!”?