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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

13th November 2017

CNN’s Jake Tapper Narrates Cartoon About Trump And Conspiracy Theories, Aliens [VIDEO]

Donald Trump baffled by group handshake with fellow leaders at ASEAN summit  Trump, of course, was ‘baffled’ because he isn’t Down With The International Community because he’s such a, well, Donald Trump. Only we cool people with foreign names who write for major newspapers know this stuff.

Jim Carrey: ‘With Trump,’ Putin Will Win ‘3rd World War Without Firing A Shot’  Actors, of course, are widely known for their political expertise.

CBS’s ‘Wisdom of the Crowd:’ Trump Is ‘Head Cheeto,’ Conservatives Are Stupid  Not really news, but a useful reminder.

Linda Greenhouse freaks out

Progressives Unveil Plans For Anti-Trump Hotel In The Heart Of DC  Yeah, that’ll work.

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