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Adopting Caricatures

11th November 2017

Kathryn Jean Lopez wrings her hands.

The core of her argument is expressed as follows: “What’s so disappointing and infuriating about its initial exclusion is we do so very little, collectively, and in many/most of our cases, individually, to support and promote adoption in the first place.”

This assumes (without attempting to prove) two propositions:

  1. That adoption is a universal good that only needs to be stated to accrue universal support;
  2. That the tax code is the proper place (or at least a proper place) to promote this good thing.

If Ms Lopez likes adoption and wants to promote it, I have no objection.

If she seeks to persuade others, however, she needs to start farther back in the chain of reasoning than where she actually does.

And I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking that, whatever one’s attitude toward adoption may be, use of the tax code for such ‘social engineering’ is a progressive, not a conservative, notion, one that I am shocked to see come from a writer for a supposedly conservative magazine like National Review.

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