We have seen the future, and it sucks.

The Return of Patriarchy

10th November 2017

Christopher DeGroot pokes through the trash.

Generosity, in this egotistical world, is perceived as weakness, and therefore rewarded with disdain. This is the problem of the welfare state—largely funded by white men—in regard to blacks and women, both full of envy, and neither ever to be satisfied. Consider the video about “white privilege” that has been circulating widely on social media. Representative of the authoritarian sentimentalism of our time, it features a number of young people—whites and blacks—about to run a race, with the winner to get a hundred-dollar bill. The implication, of course, is that life itself is a race, and one’s value as a person determined by status: a kind of vulgar idolatry that, I have argued, is modernity’s stand-in for its dead God. With trite, would-be touching music playing, and close-ups of happy young white people juxtaposed to those of sad young blacks, this video is a cynical and disingenuous vehicle of resentment. It is just the sort of thing that leftists employ to effect the revenge that they call “social justice.” The runners are asked several questions to determine their “privilege.” After giving their answers, they are told to take several steps forward, their “privilege” signifying a heartrending “injustice” to blacks. At least this experiment did not occur in an inner city, where the evil whites might have been shot.

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