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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

10th November 2017

People Scream Helplessly At The Sky To Protest A Year Of Trump  ‘… and to hear the lamentations of their women.’

Tavis Smiley and Celeb: We ‘Don’t Want to Be Here in This’ Trump ‘Madness’  Welcome to reality.

NBC Treats Woman Like a Hero for Flipping Off Trump

Kathy Griffin Takes Back Apology for Fake Severed Trump Head ‘One Thousand Percent’

Sarah Silverman Marks Trump Election Anniversary With Fear And Hatred On Hulu Show  Hey, you work with what you’ve got, and fear and hatred is all she’s got.

ISIS Hijacks Swedish Radio Station To Play 30 Minutes Of Propaganda

Bill Clinton suggests Donald Trump is a member of ‘the dictators club’  Of course, if he actually were, Bill and Hillary would be in jail.

Billionaire investor doubles funding for Trump impeachment campaign  I’d rather he waste his money doing that than something that might make a difference.

Woman leaves restaurant date after finding out man voted for Trump  You dodged a bullet there, Bryan.

A Day To Remember: AU Students Burn American Flag To Protest Trump [VIDEO]  So Trump = American flag? That’s good to know.

European Businesses Say Badmouthing Trump Won’t Bring US Back Into Paris Deal  Funny how that works….

ALT FACTS: Ordinary Government Acts Are Now Unprecedented Under Trump

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