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Organizing Myths

8th November 2017

Severian reminds us of some inconvenient truth.

Since we’re stewed in it from birth (and because our educational system sucks), we forget just how much of a myth the social contract really is.  Read Hobbes, for instance.  As much as I love him (I consider Hobbes pretty much the only political philosopher worth reading), he’s just wrong about some fundamental ideas.  There never was a State of Nature.  Life in mankind’s dawn was nasty, poor, brutish, and short, all right, but it sure as hell wasn’t solitary — people are evolved monkeys; we have monkey firmware; monkeys have the most elaborate social structure in the animal kingdom.  If ever there were a “social contract,” it was between meta-monkey troops living in nearby caves.

Rousseau was full of shit as well. ‘Man is born free, but everywhere is in chains.’ Sorry, dude, but man is born dependent on his parents and family and universally remains subject to them until puberty if not beyond.

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