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Virginia Election

8th November 2017

I first encountered Ed Gillespie when he worked for Dick Armey, back in the day. He was a Republican Establishment apparatchik then and remains a Republican Establishment apparatchik today.

Virginia has been turning more and more blue as the Washington environs attracts more and more bureaucrats and hangers-on. The surprise here is not Gillespie losing but how close he came to winning — he barely won the primary, so the Republican party was far from unified behind him.

The DemLegHump Media will, of course, be spinning this as a ‘referendum on Trump and the Trump program’, despite the fact that Gillespie’s campaign was run by never-Trumpers from the start. Trump’s name was not on the ballot, and Gillespie’s campaign didn’t make any attempt to grasp Trump’s coat-tails, in any respect.

Nevertheless, even though this guy Northam won, all of the talk will not be about him but about Trump. That demonstrates who is still the 800-pound gorilla in the room.

UPDATE: REPORT: Bannon Offered To Campaign For Ed Gillespie But Was Denied

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