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Democrat Leaves During Moment of Silence for TX Victims

7th November 2017

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Rep. Ted Lieu, a Democrat from California, walked out of Congress’ moment of silence for the victims of the Texas church shooting on Monday.

Keepin’ it classy.

“I am heartbroken about the children and the adults that were killed in the worst mass shooting in Texas history this Sunday,” Lieu stated. “My colleagues have a right to do [a moment of silence] and I myself have participated in many of them.”

“I cannot do this again. I have done too many moments of silences,” he asserted. “What we need is we need action, we need to pass gun safety legislation now.”

Lieu called for a universal background check, a ban on bump stocks, and a ban on assault rifles.

Except that this shooter passed the background check (because the Air Force screwed up), didn’t use a bump stock, and actual assault rifles are controlled as automatic weapons.

Those who depend on the government for their safety wind up in the ground.

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