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Inside Russia’s Secretive Cult of Tsar Worship: How Royalism Is Thriving 100 Years After Murder of Nicholas II

4th November 2017

Read it.

They’re still using the Russian Imperial arms, why not have a Russian Imperial family? I doubt that a new tsar could be any worse than Putin.

Actually, the Russian Imperial dynasty was German from the time of Tsar Paul, so they might want to get some real Russians for a change; there are any number of Rurik-descended noble families that would do, such as the Gagarins, the Obolenskys, and the Dolgorukys.

If they want to go with the Hostein-Gottorp-Romanovs, the heir male was Prince Paul Romanovsky-Ilyinsky, son of Grand Duke Dimitri Pavlovich, who died in 2004. His son, Dimitri Pavlovich, an American citizen, would be a good pick.

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