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NPR Hypes GOP Immigration Ads, Skips Over Sleazy Virginia Democrat Ad

2nd November 2017

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Even though few political campaigns are underway this year, the gubernatorial contests in New Jersey and Virginia have drawn the attention of the All Things Considered  program on the liberal, taxpayer-funded National Public Radio network.

Host Ari Shapiro began a segment on Tuesday, October 31, by stating: “The Republican candidates in both of these states have released attack ads claiming the Democratic opponents would not enforce immigration laws and would endanger people living in those states.”

He introduced a report from Joe Hernandez of Philadelphia member station WHYY, but NPR completely skipped over the controversial immigration ad made by Democrats — the now-withdrawn Latino Victory Fund ad where minority kids were running away from a white brute in a pickup truck with a Confederate flag and a Gillespie bumper sticker.

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