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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

1st November 2017

This Simple Trick Will Help Liberals Get Over Trump Derangement Syndrome

Brexit and Trump are symptoms of a wider disease – stopping them will only make the problem worse

NowThis Calls NYC Attack A ‘Trump Rampage’

‘Trump Must Hang’ Prof: Trump Supporters ‘Believe They Are Better By Virtue Of Their Race’  Remember, if you’re obsessing on race, then you’re the racist.

Snoop Dogg Ups The Ante — Makes Album Cover Of Trump’s Dead Body  Thugs will be thugs.

Morning Joe: Trump ‘Agreed’ With ISIS by ‘Dividing Country’ After NYC Terror Attack

Fifty-nine died in Las Vegas – yet Donald Trump had more to say when eight died in New York. Can you guess why?  Perhaps because the Las Vegas shooter was a lone nut whose actions weren’t an expression of a wider problem, while the terrorist in New York was Just Another Muslim Jihadist about which the President might be expected to Do Something.

Fake News: Acosta Quips Trump ‘Has the World Record for Injecting Politics’ After an Attack  Only if you ignore all the Democrats who jumped on the gun-control wagon after Las Vegas. (Like Flashback: Schumer Politicizes Vegas Shooting [VIDEO]).

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