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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

31st October 2017

With the indictment of Paul Manafort, Donald Trump is done  More fantasies from a rabid anti-Trumper. The Manafort indictment doesn’t mention Trump and covers a period prior to Manafort working with Trump. Keillor used to be funny but when he got into politics, well….

Sarah Huckabee Sanders can be as breezy as she likes, but there’s no way she can minimise the Mueller indictments  You can jump over that molehill as much as you want, but we continue to see it as a mountain.

Trump-Russia probe: Robert Mueller’s first move warns election conspirators, ‘Beware, I’m coming for you’  I love that whole ‘election conspirators’ notion … although I don’t suppose it includes Hillary and the DNC.

Post’s Capehart Whines White Millennials Aren’t As ‘Woke,’ Anti-Trump As Their Peers  *sigh* These kids today….

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