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Spokane Asks Trump’s EPA for Reprieve From Impossible Pollution Standards

30th October 2017

Read it.

Hoist by their own retard.

One Response to “Spokane Asks Trump’s EPA for Reprieve From Impossible Pollution Standards”

  1. RealRick Says:

    “…Spokane Mayor David Condon asked the Trump administration earlier this month for a reprieve from a strict Obama-era rule against polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), a type of chlorine that contains carcinogens.”

    Clearly, nobody in the press room ever – EVER – took a chemistry class.

    Having some familiarity with PCBs, I would point out that the problem is that some of EPA’s standards are so low that you cannot test for levels that small. Many years ago, EPA gave up on science as a basis for making decisions. This was – at least in part – because they found that some chemicals – especially PCBs and dioxins – are FAR less toxic than EPA initially thought. When facts interfere with the narrative, ignore the facts.

    We have become a society that is making technical decisions based on feelings and pop-science. My old chemistry and physics profs would have thrown a student of the roof of the building for trying to get by on such nonsense.

    But now you are vilified if you just point out that someone’s pronouncement is just crap. We’re required to give value to crap and to the manure spreaders.