We have seen the future, and it sucks.

Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

30th October 2017

The nuclear dreams of President Donald Trump

Cry, Losers, Cry

Woody Harrelson recalls dinner with Donald Trump: ‘It was brutal’

Hating the National Anthem but Loving a Flaky Republican

Jimmy Kimmel Thinks ‘The Closest Thing’ To Trump’s Election Is OJ’s Murder Acquittal  Except that Trump isn’t looking for the Real President.

Democrats Tell Party Activists To Stop Talking About Mueller Investigation  Good luck with that.

Steyer’s ‘Impeach Him’ Ad Appears Before Stirring World Series Game 5 National Anthem

Manafort Indictment Inspires Desperate Rolling Stone Hope for Quick Trump Exit

John Oliver calls out Donald Trump over plan to tackle opioid crisis  Imexplained, of course, is why it’s the job of the President to solve an ‘opiod crisis’. Maybe send the DEA?

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