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Communism, Memory and ‘Forgetting’

29th October 2017

Andrew Stuttaford waves the bloody shirt.

But Heer’s reference to Stalin served another purpose. In many respects the sheer monstrosity of the Soviet dictator has allowed many on the left to portray the triumph of Stalinism as a terrible wrong turning that crushed the (supposedly) bright promise of 1917. Trotsky, no mean mass murderer himself, gave the book in which he described Stalin’s Soviet Union the title The Revolution Betrayed, the encapsulation of a myth that has stuck. Trotsky may have been a liar, but he was a brilliant one.

In reality, Stalin largely took the revolution further down the path that Lenin, yet another butcher, had already set.

“Compared to Lenin, Stalin was a pussycat,” recalled Molotov, a man who knew both well.

Compared to Stalin, Hitler was an amateur.

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