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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

26th October 2017

Black Pastor Says He Was Kicked Out Of A Fancy Gym And Banned For Life For Supporting Trump

Comedy Central’s ‘Broad City’ Treats ‘Trump’ as Curse Word, Blames Him for Lack of Orgasms  Hey, they’ve got to blame somebody — it’s not as if they can admit to being frigid.

Chris Hayes: Trump’s Use Of ‘Strong On Crime’ Is A Racial Dog-Whistle  Remember — if you hear the dog whistle, then you’re the dog.

CNN Panelist: Trump Has ‘Personality Disorder’  So do most CNN panelists, but we’re too polite to say so.

Trump Defends His Education, Joy Behar Claims He’s ‘Turning On His Base’  Joy Behar hasn’t the vaguest notion of who Trump’s base is or what they think.

Ron Reagan: Trump Was ‘Vomited’ Up by Electoral College, Is ‘Sociopathic, Malignant Narcissist’  Actually, a very good case could be made that Ron Reagan is the sociopathic malignant narcissist, as even the briefest review of his life will reveal. He might be qualified to shine Trump’s shoes, but I doubt it. Certainly, if it weren’t for his name, nobody would give him the time of day.

Donald Trump ‘has personality disorder’, says former Republican senator Tom Coburn  So what does it say about Tom Coburn’s Republican Party that only a person with a ‘personality disorder’ can get elected President as a Republican?

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