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A Liberal Visits South Dakota and Freaks Out at the Sight of Guns

21st October 2017

Read it.

Part of what is going on here is that coastal liberals think that people in places like South Dakota are both dumber than they are, and more prone to violence. Actually, that is the opposite of the truth, in both respects. In South Dakota, where I grew up, most people are familiar with shotguns and rifles, know how to use them, and don’t irrationally freak out if they encounter a few, even at an airport. And the violent crime rate is vanishingly low.

At some point during the day, a reporter from the Sioux Falls Argus Leader, South Dakota’s dominant and liberal newspaper, asked Rich Larson whether he knew that his modest auction booth was all over Twitter. The Argus Leader ran a story headlined: No, firearms weren’t for sale at Sioux Falls Regional Airport on Friday.

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