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Black Liberation Group Releases New Project For ‘Electoral Justice’ For Black People

17th October 2017

Read it.

It’s amazing the amount of time black people just spend Being Black. When do they have time for real life?

The Electoral Justice Project will consist of two parts. First, the hiring of black organizers called the Electoral Justice League to focus on local strategies and champion certain issues facing the black community. The second part entails a national help desk to reach out and help black organizations with electoral strategies.

Of course, exactly why black people need ‘organizing’ is never stated. I can’t help the feeling that this is just another effort to pay people to go around stirring up trouble. ‘Local strategies’ seems to mean ‘ways we can pressure white people to pay us guilt money’. What ‘certain issues’ are going to be ‘championed’ remains deliciously vague.

The Movement for Black Lives is an umbrella group for over sixty groups that fight for black liberation. The organization released a policy platform last year, calling for an end to the war on black people and a free access to high school for all black Americans.

‘Liberation’ from what? The necessity to work hard, save money, take care of your kids, and spend time relaxing?

What ‘war on black people’? The only ‘war’ I see is the war on white people just for being white.

Man Declares ‘All White People Are Evil,’ Spits In Homeless Man’s Face

Where don’t all black Americans have access to ‘free high school’? The public school system in the United States is devoted to free school through high school for everyone, even illegal immigrants. Any black kid who is willing to study (aye, there’s the rub) can go to high school for free.

You have to wonder how much of this stuff is just made up to have something to do other than real life.

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