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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

12th October 2017

‘Mr. Robot’ Returns Warning of ‘Dark Future’ of Trump, Capitalism

Why are we still shocked that men in power abuse women when Donald Trump is the President?  Presumably the theory is that since Donald Trump abuses women what do you expect? Except, of course, there is absolutely no evidence that Donald Trump abuses women, much less that he was as bad as Harvey Weinstein. This is just another ‘Trump is a poppyhead’ screed pretending to be journalism.

Trump’s approval rating has fallen in every single state since he became President  Especially in polls that oversample Democrats. And yet he keeps on winning — see Clinton’s Former White House Pollster: Trump’s Low Approval Numbers Are A Mirage

Democrats officially unveil articles of impeachment against Donald Trump  As fringe Republicans used to do for Obama — except that this is Trump, so the DemLegHump Media actually cover it.

‘Morning Joe’ Compares Trump To Banana Republic Dictator For Media Tweets [VIDEO]  They’re actually getting paid for this shit.

San Juan Mayor Accuses Trump Of Committing Genocide  Now that’s just horseshit.

Largest Democrat Donor Steyer Demands Trump Impeachment  ‘Impeach Trump!’ ‘Why?’ ‘Because Democrats are losing!’ ‘That’s not an impeachable offense.’ ‘Well, it ought to be!’

Missouri Lawmaker Who Called For Trump’s Assassination Is Now Comparing Him To Hitler  Not really news.

CNN, MSNBC Speculate on Removing Trump From Office Via 25th Amendment  Grasping at straws. The proglodyte fantasy parade continues.

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