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Eco-Terrorist Admits Necessity Plea Was A Ridiculous Justification For Sabotaging Pipelines

11th October 2017

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An environmentalist activist convicted of sabotaging oil pipelines in 2016 now claims he is having second thoughts about using the necessity defense to justify his crimes.

Michael Foster, who was convicted earlier this month of criminal mischief after damaging the Keystone XL Pipeline, now claims that he might “honor the judge and the jury and their verdict” rather than appealing the conviction. The antic was probably a waste of time, he now claims.

“It’s been a year, and pollution is worse today than the day I turned the Keystone valve shut,” Foster, who faces up to 21 years in prison for his actions, told reporters Tuesday. “Based on that alone, I wonder how effective it was. If people don’t respond quickly (to climate change), it won’t matter.”

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