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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

9th October 2017

Republican Senator Says Trump Puts Nation On ‘Path To World War III’

Scarborough Stokes Fears Of Nuclear War, Calls Trump ‘Imminent Threat’ [VIDEO] I guess that’s the new Narrative.

Scarborough Scolds Trump For Pence’s NFL Walkout [VIDEO]  Oh, so football players get to disrespect the flag and the anthem, but Pence isn’t entitled to walk out on that disrespect — and, of course, whatever is going on is All Trump’s Fault. I see.

Hypocrisy Alert: Today’s Trump Bashing Media Thought It Was Awful to Bash Obama in 2009

CNN’s Karem: Trump’s Rhetoric Has Reduced Base to Include David Duke, Nazis, White Supremacists

Morning Joe: Trump and Republicans Will Be Responsible For ‘Nuclear Holocaust’  Will they apologize when it doesn’t happen. I think NOT.

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