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Former Canadian Ambassador to US: Trump Wins With Pipeline Cancelled

7th October 2017

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Thank you, Justin Trudeau.

A former Canadian ambassador to the U.S. says this week’s cancellation of the Energy East pipeline is a huge win for President Donald Trump’s administration.

Frank McKenna told CTV’s “Question Period” Saturday that the cancelled pipeline will keep oil-rich Alberta dependent upon shipping petroleum to U.S. markets.

“We see this as a huge win for Donald Trump and the United States of America. They get continued access to Canadian gas and oil for decades to come at deeply discounted prices,” he said. As a former premier of the Atlantic province of New Brunswick, where the pipeline was slated to pass, McKenna said the cancellation means at least 3,000 jobs potential jobs to build the project have now vanished.

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall is blaming Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for the loss because new climate change criteria had recently been added to an already overly-bureaucratic review process.

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