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Boeing and the U.S. Department of Cronyism: New at Reason

5th October 2017

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I have long said that the Department of Commerce should be renamed the Department of Cronyism. First, apart from the Census Bureau and the Patent and Trademark Office, the department mostly functions as a one-stop shop for special interests. Second, in a conflict between consumers and producers, the department always seems to side with the shareholders of large corporations.

The latest example of such behavior is edifying. Last week, as part of a preliminary determination in a countervailing duty investigation, the Commerce Department decided to slap a 220 percent duty on Canadian plane-maker Bombardier to protect its American boy Boeing against “unfair competition.” As if that weren’t enough, the Commerce Department is expected to announce other duties in a companion anti-dumping case soon. The decision by the U.S. International Trade Commission about whether the duty orders will be imposed is expected in early 2018.

The Department of Commerce was established in 1903 as the Department of Commerce and Labor in 1903 under protocol-fascist Teddy Roosevelt according to the ‘no sparrow shall go unregulated’ ‘Progressive’ agenda. I have always thought that anyone who could time-travel back to extinguish the Roosevelt gene-line would be the greatest benefactor in American history.

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