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Why Does the Left Ignore Black-on-Black Crime?

4th October 2017

Walter Williams is not afraid to ask the hard questions.

Short Answer: Because the ThoughtCrime of Noticing must not be allowed to disturb the Narrative.

Long Answer: It would destroy the Clever Plastic Disguise that bad things happen to black people solely because of White Privilege and raaaaaaacist oppression. In truth, black people have a separate subculture from the rest of us, and that subculture is deeply degenerate — it encourages black people to define themselves solely in (adversarial) relation to white people, and creates a bizarre inverted social system in which the normal virtues that lead to success are castigated (can’t say ‘denigrated’ these days) as ‘acting white’ and therefore some kind of betrayal of one’s ‘blackness’.

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