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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

4th October 2017

Russell Brand Attacks Trump As ‘Stupid’ And Cruel On ‘The View’  For which, of course, there is absolutely no evidence; he’s just ‘virtue signaling’ so he can sit at the Cool Kids’ table in Hollywood.

ABC/CBS Discredit Trump’s Visit to Puerto Rico as Photo-Op  Of course, if he hadn’t gone, they would have complained about that.

New ABC Comedy ‘The Mayor’ Offers ‘Liberal Fantasy Retelling’ Of Trump Election  Much the same way that the Harrison Ford movie The President’s Plane Is Missing was a fantasy retelling of the Clinton Presidency, in which proglodytes got the President of their dreams rather than a hick corndog who caved to Republicans rather than Leading Us All Forward to the Revolution.

Soros, Kellogg, Ford Gave Millions To Anti-Trump Resistance Group

Michael Moore: ‘We Have Got to Get Rid Of Trump,’ 2nd Amendment  So what’s your plan? Just talk, I’m thinking.

Morning Joe Paints Trump As A Sociopathic Dictator After Puerto Rico Visit  If that were true these two would be in jail.

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