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Here’s What a Gun Fired With a ‘Silencer’ Really Sounds Like

3rd October 2017

Read it.

Most of the dorks jawing about gun control know as much about guns as they do about the Constitution, i.e. most of what they ‘know’ ain’t so.

2 Responses to “Here’s What a Gun Fired With a ‘Silencer’ Really Sounds Like”

  1. RealRick Says:

    When my son was little, I took him to a shooting range and the guy next to us showed up with a full-auto MAC-10 and a silencer. (He was some sort of government guy, but I didn’t pry beyond that.) I told my son to pay close attention to 2 things – the “silencer” was not silent (unlike movies/TV) and it was not 2 inches long (again, unlike movies/TV). Then we got treated to a third aspect different than movies/TV: the barrel rises quickly on an automatic, so you have to fire small bursts. The G-man let one of the young guys at the range shoot the gun, but the kid ignored the barrel rise warning and quickly shot out several ceiling tiles. Finally, a full auto empties a magazine in a couple of seconds.

    So in the movies you see a guy with a fully auto rifle or pistol in each hand shooting for 10 minutes without loading, pointing the guns without any barrel rise, and if there is a “silencer”, the sound is a little whispered “phew”, it’s all fake.

    My wife used to babysit some kids and once when they were watching TV, a movie was coming on that she thought might be too scary for the kids. She told them so and the 4 year old looked at her and said, “Don’t you know the difference between real and make-believe?”

    Sadly and shockingly, folks on the Left are not as intelligent as that 4 year old. “Real” is what they “want” to be real. Feelings are real, instead of relative (as the rest of us understand). So if they feel like “silencers” eliminate all the noise from a .357 magnum, then that must happen. (I’m not even going to explain why I laugh when I see a revolver with a suppressor in a movie.) Obviously, only assasins use silencers, and pigs are capable of doing calculus, and terrorists are only doing bad things because Trump.

  2. Tim of Angle Says:

    I was astonished, when I first heard an automatic weapon with a suppressor, at how much it sounded like a pneumatic nail gun.