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Gay Activists Are Furious Because Teacher Can’t Tell Fifth Graders to Use Gender-Neutral Pronouns

29th September 2017

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Gay and transgender activists in Tallahassee, Florida are really mad because the taxpayer-funded local school district reassigned a fifth-grade teacher after she told the little kids in her classroom to address her with the title “Mx.” and refer to her using the third-person plural pronouns “they,” “them” and “their.”

The teacher, Chloe Bressack, pulled her transgender pronoun stunt at Tallahassee’s Canopy Oaks Elementary School earlier this school year.

Bressack, who identifies as gender neutral, sent a note home to parents saying that she expected their fifth-grade children to address her as “Mx. Bressack” and to use plural pronouns when discussing her singular self.

The backlash from parents was intense.

School district officials responded to the outpouring of parental complaints by hastily removing Bressack from her fifth-grade classroom and transferring her to the school district’s adult basic education program.

I’m sure the adults in the basic education program will admire and applaud her commitment to ‘diversity’.

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