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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

29th September 2017

Morning Joe: Trump’s NFL Remarks Were Calculated Ploy to Activate ‘Racist Sentiments’ and ‘Chauvinism’ in Americans  Don’t forget the mind-control lasers.

Washington Post’s Dana Milbank: President Trump Is ‘Driving Us Crazy’   No, you were crazy before.

TV Goes to War With Trump: 16 Shows Blast President This Fall  “They may have won all the battles, but we had all the good songs!”

Will & Grace takes on Donald Trump in episode 1 of revival series  Because of course taking on Trump is the essence of ‘entertainment’ these days.

Stephen King on Donald Trump’s tax plan: US president ‘couldn’t give a shit’ about working class  And of course a millionaire brain-damaged author is an expert on both the working class and Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton Warns Canada That Trump ‘Wants To Be Like Putin’

Librarian Rejects Melania Trump’s Dr. Seuss Books as ‘Racist Propaganda’

MSNBC Cuts From Trump Tax Speech To Trash Ivanka

NBC Worries Trump Will Cover Up JFK Assassination Files  Even if he gave a shit about the Kennedy assassination,which I’m sure he doesn’t, why would he do this? It’s just more Media Conspiracy Theory.

Maddow: Trump Obsessing Over NFL Protests While Ignoring Puerto Rico  That’s a flat lie.

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