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“Tax Cut”

28th September 2017

What is being proposed in Congress is not a ‘tax cut’, because they are being very careful that every supposed cut is ‘paid for’, i.e. no matter what happens the government will get as much money (or more) as before.

That is not a ‘cut’.

What we’re seeing is a re-arrangement of how people are taxed, with some getting a bit of a break and the rest getting more broke.

Democrats, of course, no matter what happens, will characterize it as ‘a giveaway to the rich’, as if allowing someone to keep more of his own money, rather than giving it to the government, is the government somehow ‘giving’ him money. The reason for this is that Democrats, like all socialists, believe that anything you supposedly own is available for government to take and spend (or waste) as it wills — it actually belongs to the government, and you’re just allowed to keep it until they need it. Preferably earning them a return on it.

So whenever you hear the term ‘tax cut’ just translate it into your own mind as ‘tax re-arrangement’, which will allow you to interpret it properly, by looking at who wins and who loses in the re-arrangement.

As Lenin famously said, ‘Who? Whom?’ (Who is doing what to whom?) is the question to ask.

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