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Tackling Race

27th September 2017

Steve Sailer points out some inconvenient truth.

Some National Football League players are supporting Black Lives Matter—the anti-police, pro-rioter, anti-white, pro-Establishment movement—by boycotting the national anthem before games. The president was widely denounced for tweeting his disapproval of them.

On Monday, however, the FBI released 2016 crime statistics showing that homicides were up an extraordinary 20 percent nationally during the last two years of the Obama administration, when the former president was pushing his BLM agenda. The spike in murders tended to be concentrated in cities where BLM enjoyed its greatest triumphs, such as Baltimore and Chicago.

In other words, the ironically entitled Black Lives Matter has gotten several thousand additional blacks murdered by other blacks since Ferguson.

An amazing achievement. Take a bow (or a knee), BLM.

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