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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

26th September 2017

Black Congresswoman Kneels During House Floor Speech, Accuses Trump Of Racism  It is often said that politics is show-business for ugly people, and here’s proof.

Steven Colbert on Donald Trump NFL comments: ‘Kneeling has everything to do with race – just like your presidency’  Trump’s presidency, of course, has absolutely nothing to do with race, other than in the fever dreams of the Left. Remember: If you hear the ‘dog whistle’, then you’re the dog.

Kingsman 2 director reveals the Donald Trump jokes cut from the film

MSNBC Analyst: Trump Basically Shouted The N-Word  Which, of course, he didn’t — they have to make stuff up because it never happened.

Hillary Says She’s ‘Not Sure’ Trump Knows Puerto Ricans Are American Citizens  That tells you more about Hillary than it does about Trump.

Media Uses Devastation In Puerto Rico As Political Football To Attack Trump  When they’re not worrying about the NFL, which is more important.

MSNBC: Trump’s a ‘Racist,’ Almost ‘Shouting at a Rally the N-Word’

Does Donald Trump even know that he’s responsible for Puerto Rico?  Except that he’s not ‘responsible’ for Puerto Rico; we are a Republic, not a monarchy.

Hillary Clinton says it is ‘quite telling’ Trump is attacking black athletes and not white supremacists  Quite telling about the racial monomania of Hillary. Trump has ‘attacked white supremacists’, and ‘white supremacists’ aren’t causing the current controversy.

Lena Dunham Compares Trump To Dylann Roof  She’d better be careful; two can play that game.

Trump is the political equivalent of a fatberg, says Naomi Klein  And Naomi Klein is the political equivalent of a pussy hat.

Congressional Black Caucus Member Wants To Impeach Trump Over His ‘Sons Of B*tches’ Comments  And they accuse Trump of being a spoiled child….

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