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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

25th September 2017

Stelter: The Racism in Trump Kneeling Comments ‘Unmistakable’  Except to those not making it up.

The Flying Wedge Issue

Evil Klingons Modeled After President Trump on ‘Star Trek: Discovery’

Steve Kerr wants to have it both ways

Becoming a Columnist in the Age of Trump

London Mayor Compares Trump With ISIS, Wants To Stop State Visit To UK  Pretty cheeky for a Muslim.

USA Today Columnist: #TakeAKnee Marked One of NFL’s ‘Finest Moments’ Fighting Back Against ‘Racist’ Trump  Except that there isn’t a shred of evidence that Trump is a racist; that’s a proglodyte fantasy.

CNN Commentator Compares Trump To ‘Slave Master’ Of Black Athletes

ESPN Turns Into A Daylong Anti-Trump Talk Show

LeBron James Says His ‘Calling Is Much Bigger’ Than Donald Trump’s  Certainly his ego is bigger, and that’s an achievement.

MSNBC Guest: Trump Wants Blacks ‘Kneeling in the Cotton Fields Again’  Again, something for which there is no evidence.

Excuse Me? CNN Panelist Says Trump Criticizing Kaepernick Is ‘Racial Code For The N-Word’  Remember: If you hear the ‘dog whistle’, then you’re the dog.

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