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Today in Trump Derangement Syndrome

21st September 2017

The Atlantic: “How This Year’s Oscar Contenders Are Tackling Trump”  As if there were any significance to how ‘Oscar contenders’ deal with politics — except inside the Trump Derangement Syndrome bubble.

The Nation’s Zirin Takes on Trump and ‘Toxic Masculinity,’ Ignores Bill Clinton’s Sexual Misdeeds

Alex Jones claims the US government is drugging Donald Trump through his diet cokes  Perhaps that accounts for its awful taste.

‘Morning Joe’s’ Mika Can’t Handle Video Of Trump

Maxine Waters ‘Guarantees’ That Trump Colluded With Russia  And I guarantee that Maxine Waters is Yet Another Fat Ugly Black Female Democrat Crook. Let’s see which proves true.

Maxine Waters Wonders When The Black Community Will Impeach Trump  Funny how I don’t see The Black Community mentioned anywhere in the Constitution.

Morning Joe Unhinged: ‘Far, Far, Far Right’ Pundits Advocate Killing Trump?

Prophets Of Rage Release Music Video Depicting Trump As Hitler  JUMP on that bandwagon, especially if no one is buying your ‘music’.

Journo Levies Bizarre ‘Exploitation’ Charge Against Trump

Donald Trump: World-renowned primatologist Jane Goodall likens US President to a chimpanzee  Nobody would dare compare Obama to a chimpanzee, of course, because that would be raaaaaaacist.

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