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Dem Governor Candidate Rips Up Tax Pledge

20th September 2017

Read it.

Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate Jay Gonzalez (D) is ready to raise taxes. Residents of Massachusetts, consider yourself warned.

Gonzales posted a video to Facebook this week after receiving a copy of the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. The Pledge, which ATR offers to every candidate and incumbent for state and federal office, is a written promise to a lawmaker’s constituents detailing their commitment to oppose all tax increases.

In his brief video, Gonzalez criticizes Grover Norquist, President and founder of ATR, for his resolution to limit government. After admitting that Massachusetts is “the most expensive state in the nation”, Mr. Gonzales affirmed his support for a tax increase.

“So Grover, here’s what I say to your Taxpayer Protection Pledge” said Mr. Gonzalez as he proceeded to rip up the printed document at the end of the video.

Refreshing honesty, especially for a Democrat. (They don’t call it ‘Taxachusetts’ for nothing.)

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